Who Attends & Why


You don’t need to be a data scientist to attend. This summit is for anyone within healthcare who works with data and wants to learn how to make it more meaningful, insightful, sharable in a way that enhances health outcomes for all:
  • Data Analytics Leads
  • Business Intelligence/Insight Heads
  • Heads Of Digital
  • Data Managers
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Warehouse Managers
  • Data Strategists
  • Health Informatics Professionals
  • Health Directors
  • Digital Health Managers
  • CTO’s & Technology Directors
  • CIOs & IT Directors
  • Government Data Specialists
  • Healthcare IT Professionals
  • Data And Analytics Researchers
  • Health Software And Systems Developers
  • Aged Care Providers
  • Policy Officers


  • Make data meaningful, usable and accessible
  • Improve use of open data and sharing of data
  • Use data to enable informed decision making
  • Break the silos to achieve better integration
  • Enhance patient experience through real-time analytics
  • Utilise technology as an enabler
  • Develop a data culture
  • Empower clinicians with analytics
  • Mental health and analytics
  • Drive prediction and prevention predictive analytics
  • Harmonise clinical data across multiple systems
  • Utilise data analytics for better collaboration and consistency of service
  • Work towards better governance amidst legacy systems and a lack of standardisation
  • Understand Machine Learning, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence uses for health data
  • Prioritise patient care and safety through analytics
  • Effectively utilise smartphone data, platforms and dashboards
  • Address privacy, compliance, transparency